15 Aluminum Foil Life Hacks You Didn’t Know About



We use aluminum foil for oven baking, and that’s why we always have it around.

Surprisingly, aluminum foil can be used not only for cooking…


Replace a funnel



Iron clothes from both sides at once

Foil becomes hot really fast, and this is how your clothes can be ironed from both sides.


Sharpen your scissors

If you need to sharpen your scissors and get rid of rust, cut a piece of foil 7-10 times, just as described here.


Extend battery life

If your batteries have run down and you do not have any new ones, use some aluminum foil. Place the foil according to this instruction.


Remove static electricity from your clothes

Put some foil balls in the washer together with the laundry. After washing, your clothes won’t accumulate electricity and attract dust and hair.


Clean the iron


Clean silverware

In order to clean silver, put aluminum foil on the bottom of a tray. Then add some baking soda, salt, and boiled water.


Move furniture easily

In order to move furniture easily, put pieces of foil under its legs as you see here. Foil creates additional sliding.


Improve the Wi-Fi signal

Foil can help to improve a Wi-Fi signal. Fold it several times, and put it behind the antenna like a screen.


Clean a hot glue gun

You can easily clean a glue gun from old glue with a piece of foil.


Protect food from burning

In order to protect food from sticking in the frying pan, put a layer of foil in the bottom. This is also how you can cook without oil.


Removing rust from chrome-plated surfaces

Make a ball out of foil, soak it, and rub onto a rusty chrome-plated surface.


Seal plastic bags

If you need to seal a plastic bag, put a piece of foil over its edge, as seen here, and put an iron over it.


Use foil for a touchscreen

Surprisingly, touchscreens react to foil. If you wrap a pencil with foil, you can get a handmade stylus. If you don’t have sensor gloves, wrap your finger with foil, and use your smartphone wearing regular gloves.


Make your own cookie cutters

You can make any cookie cutter out of foil in a few minutes using this instruction.


Bonus: whiten your teeth

Mix some baking soda with toothpaste, and put a thick layer of this mixture over a foil strip. Apply the strip to your teeth. Remove it after one hour, and rinse your mouth thoroughly.