6 Secret Forbidden Places for Visit! Check it out!


1. Mezhgorye.

In the Republic of Bashkortosan in Russia, near Mount Yamantau, is the closed military town of Mezhgorye. Its status means that it is administratively subordinated to the federal government, who has the power to grant and deny access to visitors. Previously called Ufa-105 and Beloretsk-16, Mezhgorye and its surrounding areas are speculated to be bunkers against nuclear attack. Some suspect graver purposes for the site as a growing nuclear base.


2. Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island)

Ilha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island, is an uninhabitable island about 90 miles off the coast of Santos, Brazil. Here you will find more than 2,000 golden lancehead vipers, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The poison is said to melt the flesh around the bites. According to VICE, these snakes are so rare that snake smugglers sell them for up to $30,000 on the black market.


3. North Sentinel Island, Island in the Indian Ocean

Amongst sapphire waters, North Sentinel Island is considered to be one of the most dangerous islands in the world because locals refuse contact from outsiders, and have even killed trespassers. Conversely, the locals face threats of outside diseases which they have no way of combatting. The Manhattan-sized island belongs to a group of Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, and the government of India declared the island and its surrounding area an exclusion zone.


4. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

Mount Weather is a secret refuge for the US government. The FEMA Operations Center is hidden underneath the mountain and is capable of running the country in the event of a catastrophe and any resulting emergency situation. Some of the center’s structures are built above ground, and these are administered and guarded by a separate branch of the security and emergency services. Inside, the center is governed by its own laws, and outsiders are strictly forbidden to enter.


5. Vale do Javari Reservation, Brazil

Indigenous tribes have inhabited the jungles of the Amazon for many centuries. Aerial photographs prove the existence of those which still remain untouched by the outside world. In the Vale do Javari Reservation there are around 14 tribes that have no knowledge or experience of the outside world and whose lifestyle revolves around agriculture. Researchers have discovered an additional eight villages there, leading them to estimate that the combined population of the indigenous peoples may be as high as 2,000. For their safety and the preservation of their way of life, authorities banned people from entering an area of the Amazon rainforest equal to around 77,000 square kilometers.


6. The magnetic island of Es Vedrà

The rocky island of Es Vedrà is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, and it is said to have the third most powerful degree of geomagnetic force on Earth (the first and second are the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole). Yet the island has no metal deposits whatsoever, being formed entirely from volcanic rock. Here, technology falters, and you can’t trust your compass to point in the true direction — the arrow will swing chaotically in different directions. The mysterious Es Vedrà is swathed in legends and harrowing stories. The Spanish government has banned anyone from visiting the island, declaring it to be a nature reserve. Some claim that the local Spaniards occasionally organize illegal excursions to the island. All that you can do legally is observe the shore of the island from the water.