7 Items that will elevate your camping on another level!



It’s not always easy getting comfortable when you’re camping. When you remove creature comforts and the amenities you’re used to at home, camping can tend to feel bare bones.

So prepare for your next trip by not only picking out camping necessities but also figuring out how to get the most out of them. Get excited to unplug from the day-to-day stress and make your next outdoor adventure the best it can be.


1.Coleman Divide 225L LED Headlamp

This Coleman LED Headlamp ($17) ensures you can stay hands-free at nighttime. You can do a lot more with this than just wearing it on your head, too. Fill up a gallon of water in a clear jug and wrap one of these around the bottle and it will illuminate as a lantern. It also works inside your tent as a nightlight when you’re getting ready for bed or around the picnic table when it gets dark.

2. Maps and Compass

You have GPS on your phone, and you may even have a GPS system sitting in your car console. Unfortunately, you may not get a signal in remote camping spots, or as you disappear into the forest to go hiking. Have your navigation essentials, such as a map and compass, with you at all times in case your GPS is less than reliable.

3. Camping Shovel

You will use this for digging holes, fixing up the fire logs/embers, banging in tent pegs, clearing campsite or squashing giant spiders.     If you need to go to the toilet in the bush, this will also be very handy to dig your temporary toilet facility.

src=”http://cdn.hiconsumption.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Schrade-SCHSH1-Shovel.jpg” width=”660″ height=”440″ />

4. Sleeping Bag

Maybe the day will be worm, but if you are staying outside, even in summer the night can get cold. This is one of the items that you cannot leave out from your backpack. You can get a sleeping bag for pair, so the night can be even warmer.

5. Manduka Equa Yoga Towel

Camping with your bathroom towel is total taboo. Instead, try using this Manduka Yoga Towel ($38). Yoga towels are made with microfibers, which absorb moisture faster and dry quicker (so you won’t get that moldy smell). You’ll become totally addicted to using these durable and more sanitary options.

6. The Pocket Shower

This thing provides eight whole minutes of cleansing. The waterproof fabric attracts heat so your shower will at least be lukewarm. Be always fresh and clean, no matter the circumstances.

7. Camping Fold up table

We have found this to be a crucial part of our camping.     It’s a simple, inexpensive purchase but so handy and that is why it’s made our top 10 list.
Some campsites even come with their own table/chair set up, and that is great, but we still bring a table every time.