8 Hidden Mysteries of Famous Landmarks That 99% of People Don`t Know Exist!



Think you’re well acquainted with the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building or Trafalgar Square?

The Eiffel Tower Has A Top-Floor Apartment
1. The Eiffel Tower Has A Top-Floor Apartment

Think again. If you stop for a moment and look closely at some of the world’s most famous landmarks, busiest train stations and bustling walkways, you’ll find unexpected spaces and rooms hiding in plain sight

2. The Time Capsule in Mount Rushmore

From a mysterious room at Mount Rushmore to an abandoned ballroom above Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, we unlock the secrets of top tourist attractions across the globe.

3. The Isleworth Mona Lisa

Every good or even half-assed Houstonian has seen the Bat Bridge, walked the underground tunnels, and at least thought about visiting the Beer Can House (which would be cooler if the beer were drinkable).

4. The Broken Chain At The Statue of Liberty’s Feet

But have you ever pressed the BIG RED BUTTON or seen the 40ft golden dome in the middle of a residential neighborhood? You should.

5. The Matterhorn at Disneyland


6. The Original Appearance of the Great Sphinx of Giza


7. The Creation of the Leading Tower of Pisa


8. The Name of Britain`s Most Famous Attraction