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Black cumin seed extract, thymoquinone, is found to have the ability to cure cancer. Its powerful against liver, colon, pancreatic, melanoma, lymphoma, cervical, prostate and breast cancer. Studies have only been conducted on animals so far, but scientists believe a clinical trial will be done on humans in a matter of time.

Black cumin seed oil is a silver light to the matter, yet Big Pharma would rather hinder further research for many underlying reasons they only know.2011, China and Saudi Arabia conducted their own research and discovered that black cumin seed oil is an effective treatment for asthma, kidney disease, diabetes and other health issues. It’s not known how black cumin seed oil works to stop the growth of cancer, but research is still being conducted.

A Perfect Combo In Pure Natural Honey And Black Cumin Seed Oil
Researchers in Egypt studied black cumin seed oil and discovered that it works well with honey to eliminate cancer cells in rats that had high levels of carcinogen injected in them.
This study worked with 4 groups of rats.
– The first were given a combination of honey and black seed oil.
– The other three groups were given either if the two ingredients.
– It was revealed that the first group which were given the honey and black cumin seed oil combo had their risk of having cancer cut by as much as 100%.
– For the other three groups fed the ingredients separately their risk dropped by 80%.

Radiation? Black Skin Cumin Seed Oil Says – No Problem!
Researchers from Turkey conducted a study on black cumin seed oil, in 2014, that found it alleviates symptoms of radiation therapy for their case of cancer.Tests were done on rats that were exposed to gamma radiation and were put into two different groups.
– The first group were given 1 gram of black cumin seed oil one hour prior to radiation exposure.
– They were subsequent given a total of 10 gram for the subsequent 10 days after the radiation exposure.
– For the second group, the rats were not exposed to radiation but were given some saline solution.
– It was observed that the seed oil lowered oxidative stress markers.
– It’s antioxidants were also seen to be extremely powerful and it was also observed that the rats liver oxidative capacity was significantly increased.
– Another curious observation was that given the rats black cumin seed oil for 10 days before their exposure to radiation and for 10 days after exposure kept the rats protected from the side effects of radiation.

Then, in 2012, researchers in India studied mice exposed to gamma radiation.
– One group of mice had tumors.
– The other group was healthy.
– Both groups were given 100 mg per kg of body weight of black cumin seed oil before being exposed to radiation.
– The antioxidants in the oil were seen to protect the internal organs of all the rats.

Liver Cancer Cells Cannot Withstand The Strength Of Black Cumin Seed Oil

The strength of thymoquinone was examined by researchers in India in 2013.
– The second group was given ordinary water.
– The rats in the first group had their liver cancer and all the tumor and injury markers significantly reduced in just 16 weeks.
– The rats also did not generate any new cancer nodules.
– Thereby probing that thymoquinone is very potent in combating liver cancer as well as a spread of cancerous cells.
– There were two groups of rats in this study.
– Thymoquinone water of 0.01% was administered to the rats in the first group.

Cancerous Cells Are Completely Destroyed By Black Cumin Seed Oil
Researchers in Saudi Arabia examined the black cumin seed oil’s pure anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.In tests conducted on lung cancer patients, results showed that 0.01mg/ml of black cumin seed oil rapidly eliminated cancer cells, with no harm to healthy cells.

Brain Cancer Cells Stand No Chance Against Black Cumin Seed Oil
In 2013, At Ohio State University, scientists examined thymoquinone’s effect on glioblastoma (a deadly form of brain cancer).Studies did show that thymoquinone eliminated cancer cells without subjecting healthy cells to any damage. The continued research focused on black cumin seed oil’s ability to hinder autophagy within cancer cells, which enable cancerous cells to grow and produce energy for themselves.