GALLERY: 12 Very Awesome Inventions that you will love for this Summer!



For many, summer is the time for picnics, cold beverages, and ice cream. Out in the countryside, by the lake, by the pool, or in the garden, we take full advantage of the summer season to enjoy many different outdoor activities. And while we all love making ready-to-eat food for the warmer weather, preparing for a picnic can be complicated and stressful. If the thought of setting up a picnic overwhelms you, here are a few awesome things you’ll want to consider

Stick-on waterproof soles

Forget flip flops, NakeFit protects bare feet bottoms from the burn or cut on the beach and even saves from verrucas in the swimming pool.

Floating poker table

Picnic backpack

Portable barbecue grill

Freeze cooling glasses

The all-purpose hammock stand

Universal solar phone charger

Unbreakable dinnerware set

Watermelon tap

The wine aerator

Octopus drink dispenser stand