Beau Vallon Bay, Seychelles – Piece of heaven on earth.


Beau Vallon is a bay on the north western coast of Mahé in the Seychelles. One of the most popular beaches on the island is Beau Vallon Beach. It’s clear waters and coral reefs are amazing for diving and snorkeling. Besides many smaller hotels, it has three major ones. Le Meridien – Fisherman’s Cove, the Berjaya Beau Vallon and the Coral Strand.


Le Meridien is the site of the oldest hotel on Mahe (originally built in 1943 but several times refurbished) and the Coral Strand is one of the oldest as well, having been built directly on the beach prior to restrictions being put in place by the government. The Coral Strand has the island’s most popular and only air conditioned Indian Restaurant, “Mahek”. Beau Vallon is the site of a bazaar of small food and souvenir stands every Wednesday and Saturday evening, year round.


Simple. It’s a gorgeous, wide bay with calm, gentle waters that is perfect for children. The sunsets here are out of this world, and the glassy-smooth water reflects the light beautifully. It’s in a great position for exploring the island – if you want a quieter beach, head north to Glacis or take a boat trip to Anse Major or Baie Ternay, or use it as a base to explore the hills of the Morne Seychellois national park – whether on foot, or just taking a drive along the spectacular Sans Soucis.



It’s hard to pick just one, but the sheer variety of different activities is the highlight of Beau Vallon. There are few other bays in the Seychelles that are as vibrant and alive as Beau Vallon, and the mixture of locals and tourists is also unique here.

Beau Vallon is also worth a visit in the evening thanks to the beautiful sunset views over the water. As well as the local restaurants and bars, including a nightclub, that can be found next to the beach. With such a variety of different things to do, it’s little wonder that Beau Vallon is so well-known by tourists and locals alike, and this beach is one of the few ‘must-see’ locations for any Seychelles holidaymaker.