16 Brilliant Ideas for Your Bathroom You’ll Want to Try Immediately



Some of the coolest ideas for sensible and creative bathroom decoration.

As you’ll find out, you don’t have to sacrifice practical comfort for the sake of imagination and trendiness!

Don’t miss the secret to the perfect shower temperature at end end!


A novel way to hang your towels

The authors of this blog are clearly not content with boring old designs.


Impressive DIY wooden shelves

You’ll find an easy-to-understand master class for creating such items on this site.


Stylish hanging baskets

A simple and eye-catching solution for storing your bathroom accessories.


Magnetic cosmetics board



Convenient toothpaste squeezing

This one is a real time- and nerve-saver!


Ingenious bathroom storage idea


Shelves from pallets


Making practical use of limited storage space

Why not place a shelf or two in some unconventional places? For example, above the door!


Roomy shelves for baskets and towels


Multi-level shelves

There’s plenty of unused space underneath your bathroom sink to accommodate quick and easy access to all your most-needed accessories.


Novel uses for glass jars

A succession of hanging glass jars — what a trendy solution for storing various small items!


Wardrobe-mounted hooks

Why not put those ordinary hooks to a new use? For instance, by using them to hang your hairdryer and curling irons.


One shelf — many uses!


Magnetic strip for holding small accessories

To keep small metallic items from getting lost, simply attach a magnetic strip to your bathroom wall.


Stylish DIY hampers


Jars for keeping hygiene items


Bonus: perfect shower temperature every single time

Use a marker to mark out your favorite temperature on the handle. If you’re renting, our tip is to use a whiteboard marker instead of a permanent marker, and to use different colors for different people in the household.