Cheapest vacation places for this summer: Top 3


Everybody is looking for a cheaper option to pass their summer vacation. We are listing some of the cheapest vacation places to go and have a wonderful summer on your budget.


1. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

With beds for £2.50* and lip-smacking food for less than that, Cambodia is such a cheap place to go on holiday that you can feel guilty for paying so little. Where once travelers often feared to tread. Cambodia is now very much on the Southeast Asia travel scene, particularly among backpackers and, increasingly, holidaymakers looking for five-star luxury without the price tag. Check out the Siddharta Boutique Hotel hotel. Their richly decorated interiors, in-room iPod docks and dreamy outdoor pool for as low as £50 a night (double room) is about as far from a grimy hostel as it’s possible to get.

It’s also ten minutes down the road from the world famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. You can’t leave Cambodia without visiting this iconic ancient site, preferably at dawn to watch the sun rise behind Angkor Wat temple itself, a spectacular experience. Although ticket prices are rising from February 2017, entry to this vast UNESCO World Heritage Site and official Wonder of the World will cost just £28 for a full day. It’s worth paying the £48 for three days – there are just too many temples to squeeze into one day, and once the midday sun hits you’ll want to take shade, or find some seriously strong air-conditioning.


2. Algarve, Portugal

If late nights of partying and more Irish pubs than you can shake a stick at doesn’t sound like your idea of holiday bliss, set your eyes on Portugal’s Algarve coastline. A much more peaceful and quieter affair, Faro and the beaches nearby are some of the nicest in Europe. A short drive from the city of Faro is Praia de Faro, a beach so long that you will always find a spot to have all to yourself.

The water here really warms up in the summer so swimming, unlike Ireland, is a real dream. While there are buses to some of the main beaches, the best way to explore the Algarve is by car. Food and drinks are blissfully inexpensive in Portugal and the food is some of the tastiest. For authentic Portuguese cuisine, eat out at 2 Irmãos – which also happens to be Faro’s oldest restaurant. Flights this summer from Dublin to Faro start from as little as €138 if you book early.


3. Elaphiti Islands, Croatia

While Dubrovnik will always be the most popular tourist destination in Croatia, the crowds that arrive there in the summer months (up to 10,000 extra people a day when the cruise ships are docked) mean it is no longer the magical destination it once was. To escape the mayhem, we suggest taking a ferry (just €6 each way) out to the stunning Elaphiti Islands, just a 30 minute journey from the old town of Dubrovnik. The color of the water here is unbeatable, with every shade of blue on offer. You can easily island hop from one island to the next, spending a few hours exploring the tiny villages or kayaking around the coast. Boat trips around all 3 islands, including fresh fish for lunch and unlimited wine. Cost just €35 euro and are a great way to pass the day.