VIDEO: Cursed Objects That Are Actually REAL!



Cursed objects have long been a favorite subject of people who enjoy the side of life that’s a little more spooky-ooky than your every day walk down the street.

Objects that have curses on them usually have a backstory that runs parallel to something awful that happened in history.

Eras like the Civil War and the British colonization of India are full of awful things happening, so a lot of real cursed items started popping up right after those events.

But that’s not to say all cursed items are from forever ago. Some of the cursed objects on this list can be purchased right now and put in your home today!

It can be hard to tell whether or not you’re dealing with real curses or if you’re an unlucky human being. Some of the items on this list of cursed objects have an origin in death and destruction, which is the perfect breeding ground for a curse.

But some of the objects are simply spooky and they give anyone who sees them a feeling of unease. “Unease” may not be the worst symptom of a curse, but it’s no way to spend your day.

This list covers some of the more well-known cursed items, as well as a few that you probably don’t know about.

There might even be a few that you might have in your home right now! Whether or not you believe in curses, or the supernatural, take a look at the items on this list of cursed objects and do your best to avoid their malevolent aftermaths.


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