15 Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Summer Names For Your New Baby


1. Gale

Gale means “storm” in Hebrew, so this is the perfect name for a baby born during the hot, rainy season. Plus, any kid with the same name as the hottest Hunger Games character is bound to be a badass.

2. Laurel

A botanical name introduced in the 19th century, Laurel refers to an evergreen tree, and is perfect for a fearless little girl who spends her summers outdoors.

3. Aster

An aster is a wildflower that blooms in late summer, and a totally unique spin on floral naming for a kid who thinks outside the box.

4. Kailani

A gorgeous Hawaiian name that means “sea and sky”, Kailani is the perfect moniker for a babe who loves the beach. But good luck prying her from the waves.

5. Skye

Is there anything more gorgeous than the vast summer sky? Give your baby this whimsical, unisex English name and they’ll never believe in limits.

6. Aria

Aria is the 10th most popular baby girl’s name so far this year. The ultra-gorgeous moniker means “air” in Italian and also refers to a beautiful piece of music as fluid as the summer breeze.

7. Beckett

The name Beckett is just plain cool. Its Old English translation is “beehive”, and you know – beehive, bees, summer. Whatever, it’s cute.

8. Ayana

The name Ayana is solid-gold summer gorgeousness. With an Ethiopian origin and a meaning of “pretty flower”, your baby girl will always be blooming.

9. Jett

So, the name Jett literally means jet, guys – I know, you expected more. But TBH, it’s the perfect name for the cool, jet-setting rock n’ rollers born this summer. I bet they’ll never get bored. And neither will you.

10. Blossom

The name Blossom was last in vogue in the 1920s, so sorry, Mayim Bialik. But it’s a great nod to the beautiful blooms of summer without taking a more obvious route. So, comeback?

11. Leo

Leo in German means “brave people”, so the name is perfectly fitting for a baby boy who’s ready for adventure. And since many summer babies are born under the Leo zodiac sign, it’s a fun nod to the new king of your jungle.

12. Alyssa

The name “Alyssa” is an English derivation of the alyssum flower, which, btw, was once used to cure madness and rabies but they don’t do that anymore so it’s totally fine. Anyway, cute, right?

13. Rowan

Rowan is a super-cute and steadily growing Gaelic unisex name that is a type of tree, and nature names are so in this summer. Promise.

14. Ella

The name of one the greatest vocalists ever, Ella means “beautiful fairy,”

which also brings to mind Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so it totally works and all that jazz (see what I did there?).

15. Aidan and Amaya

These names are perfect for summer-born twins – Aidan has Gaelic roots and means “fire”, while Amaya has Spanish/Japanese roots and means “rain”. Naming your summer twins after two opposite elements of the season is a super-cute coordination win.