Extreme But Scary Activities You Can Actually Try In Australia


If you’re a daredevil, Australia is your number one destination!


Skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef

Skydiving is fucking terrifying, no matter where you do it. But if you’re going to be hurtling face-first toward the ground, you want to at least have a great view, right? And what better view is there than the blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef?

Diving with great white sharks

Sharks have got to be Australia’s most iconic “scary thing”. While you wouldn’t usually want to go hang out with them in the ocean, would you try cage diving?

The Eyre Peninsula in S.A. is the only place in the country where you can cage dive with actual great white sharks, without the chance of becoming dinner.

Swinging through the forest

Well, this sounds horrifying. Basically you’re strapped into a giant swing/slingshot which hurtles you through the jungle at 120 km/hour. What makes it worse is that you’re the one who has to pull the release cord, so you’ve really got to be brave.

Swimming with dwarf minke whales

Some whales are giant beasts which could swallow you whole in a heartbeat (probably, I’m not a marine biologist). But some are smaller and cuter, and love hanging out in the Great Barrier Reef. Not all dive companies have a permit to swim with them, so make sure you hunt down one that does.

Flying over the water wearing a jetpack on your feet

OK, this is nuts. Basically you strap your feet to this board which shoots out air and water, and propels you up. They’ve also got a hoverboard you can try out, for some real Back To The Future II vibes.

Off-roading to the northernmost tip of Australia

There are some truly incredible off-road tracks through national parks, just waiting to be explored. The parks are dotted with swimming holes and lush oases, all the way up to the sandy stretches of Cape York. There are a few motorbike tours you can join, or hire a 4WD if that’s more your vibe.

Coasteering along the WA coastline

Coasteering is basically just travelling along rocky coastlines in adventurous ways. Sure, you could just walk along the tops of cliffs, looking at the rocks and water below. Or you could get right up close, jumping off boulders into pounding waves. Sounds intense.

Swimming with ginormous crocs

Um… look how HUGE that monster is? If you’ve got balls the size of WA then maybe this is something you’d be into. This aptly-named “Cage of Death” lets you be submerged in a croc’s enclosure, safely contained in a glass case. You’d better hope that’s some strong glass…

Rap jumping in Melbourne

Does jumping face-first off a building sound like fun to you? Well then, rap jumping is going to be your new favourite scene. It’s like abseiling, but backwards and a lot quicker, almost like you’re running down the side of a building. This one in the Melbourne CBD looks especially terrifying.

Scuba diving in a cave

Fish Rock Cave, just off the NSW coast, is the perfect place to explore, especially if you’re new to scuba diving. What makes it scary? Oh, just the (harmless) grey nurse sharks who’ll be swimming alongside you.

Or scuba diving in deep, dark sinkholes

If you’re a more experienced scuba diver, then Kilsby’s sinkhole is perfect for you. It’s an inland sinkhole in SA, with crystal clear waters and is infamous in the diving community. To me, there’s nothing scarier than diving down into darkness, not knowing what’s underneath you.

Biking through a rainforest

If you want to zoom around rainforests, but motorbikes or giant cars aren’t your thing, maybe try mountain biking. There are some gorgeous trails through the World Heritage-Listed rainforest, some of which wind along white-sand beaches, or past gushing waterfalls.

Abseiling Kangaroo Point cliffs

If you want to get in touch with your inner daredevil but don’t want to leave the city, Kangaroo Cliffs should be your first stop. It mightn’t be as scary as abseiling off a giant rock face in the middle of nowhere, but dropping off these cliffs overlooking the Brisbane River will still get your heart racing.

Surfing down a sand dune

There are some pretty giant sand dunes just outside of Perth, which are a super-cool place to hang out. Go for the Instagram opportunities, and stay for the thrilling sandboarding rides which you’ll just want to do over and over and over again. The only tough thing is walking back up.

Sliding down waterfalls

Canyoning in Tasmania has to be on every daredevil’s bucket list. A mix of swimming, floating, and wading through gorges, and jumping, sliding, and abseiling down waterfalls, makes it a real adventure.

Staying at the most haunted place in Australia

A different kind of thrill to the rest of this list, but this would still be scary as shiiiit. You can just go to this old homestead for candlelit ghost tours or, if you’re brave enough, spend the nightin one of their rooms.

Driving a super-pricey supercar

Imagine how luxe it would feel to spend the day zipping around in a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Well, that fantasy no longer has to be confined to your dreams, with a number of companies in capital cities offering you the opportunity to be a baller for a day.

Crocodile spotting on a jet ski

If jet skiing isn’t extreme enough for you, how about we throw some crocodiles in the mix? There’s a tour in Cairns which will let you spot these scaly beasts as you travel down the river… just make sure you don’t fall off.

White water rafting in a national park

There are a lot of places you can go white-water rafting, but the Franklin River is one of the best you can go to. While being pounded by rapids, you’ll also be able to enjoy the breathtaking ancient wilderness of Tasmania. Whether you go on a multi-day trip or just a short one is up to you.

Dolphin-spotting kayak trip in Byron Bay

Ok this one isn’t too scary, but the thought of kayaking alongside DOLPHINS is pretty thrilling. Just off the coast of Byron Bay, you might also spot whales and giant sea turtles if you’re lucky!

Ziplining on a rollercoaster-style track

Most ziplining you’re probably used to just follows a straight line through the trees. Well, this track weaves and winds its way downward, just like an extreme roller coaster. With loops, zig zags, and twists, it’s a great way to see the bush without having to do a bushwalk.