GALLERY: 27 Celebrities – Young VS Old! Amazing transformations!


Age is just a number, but it’s a number that is raising – not falling. Some of us age faster, some slower, but we are aging anyway.

Here is the list of pictures of very famous people that we see everyday on our screens in their movies, videos etc

Goldie Hawn


Russell Crowe


Matthew Perry


Meg Ryan


Mick Jagger


Melanie Griffith


Mickey Rourke


Haley Joel Osment


Donatela Versace


Pamela Anderson


Tara Reid


Janet Jackson


Val Kilmer


Ozzy Osbourne


Edward Furlong


LaToya Jackson






Jessica Simpson


Elizabeth Taylor


John Travolta


Steven Taylor 


Lindsey Lohan


Keith Richards


Brigitte Bardot


Mark Hamill


Macaulay Culkin