GALLERY: Palawan Beach, Sentosa – Singapore!



With a suspension bridge linking beach-goers to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (and also Asia’s closest point to the Equator), Palawan Beach, Singapore’s happiest family beach, boasts interesting shops and eateries that are a favorite with adults and children alike.Whatever you decide to do, you are bound to have fun at this family-friendly beach.

Sentosa beach stretches for more than 3km along the southern shore of the island. It was divided into three segments as Tanjong, Palawan and Siloso beaches. Of all three beaches, Tanjong Beach is not as crowded as the other two and therefore is ideal for people who are looking for a blissfully quiet place to swim and relax.

For youngsters and sport enthusiasts, head to Siloso Beach where watersport, beach volleyball and other recreational facilities are available along the beach. A number of restaurants and beach bars are also located here. If you are looking for a bar or restaurant along the beach, you may take a look at Coastes Bar, which received quite a good review.

Sentosa has a stretch of sheltered beach of more than 2 km (1.2 mi) on its southern coast, divided into three portions: Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach. These beaches are artificial, reclaimed using sand bought from Indonesia and Malaysia. They are manned by a beach patrol lifeguard team who are easily identified by their red and yellow uniforms.

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach lies in the centre of the southern coast of Sentosa. There is a suspension bridge that leads to a small islet off the coast which is said to be the southernmost point of continental Asia, or Asia’s closest point to the Equator.

There are several bars along the beach offering food and beverage options to visitors as well as Beach Station of the Sentosa Express. Palawan Beach was once served by Central Beach Monorail Station, but this station closed in 2005.