GALLERY & VIDEO: Cliff diving – Peek into the World of Extreme Water Sports!



Cliff diving is probably the least complicated extreme sport. There’s no equipment to buy, no special clothing to wear and no provider services to hire

It’s just your body, sailing through the air from dizzying heights and plunging into a body of water below. Think of jumping off an eight-story building.

That’s the height — 85 feet (26 meters) — from which the 2009 Cliff Diving World Championship competitors dove.

Competition cliff diving is an outgrowth of Olympic high diving. But the daredevil act dates back to 1770, when King Kahekili, the last king of Maui, leapt from Kaunolu, a 63-foot (19-meter) cliff and entered the water below without causing a splash.

For his regular feats of flying from the cliffs, the king earned the nickname “birdman.” Later, he made his warriors jump from cliffs to prove their courage and loyalty.


Here is what cliff diving actually is!