Going On Vacation Is Hard Work So Tell Us How You Pack Your Bags


Odds are pretty good I’ll forget a toothbrush.

It’s summertime which means that those of us that are #blessed are going on vacation.

Unfortunately, this involves the worst, most stressful chore in the world: packing.

If you’re a master packer, or even just an okay packer with one really helpful tip — share your secrets!

Can you stuff your entire closet into a carry-on?

Are you a folder or a roller?

Have you Marie Kondo’ed your suitcase just like you have the rest of your life?

Do you stuff everything in your carry-on and “personal item”?

Do you strategically layer?

Do you cover your shoes in shower caps or shove stuff in the soles?

Give your fellow jet setters a hand! 🙂