GALLERY: Hanauma Bay – Island of Oʻahu, Hawaii!



Hanauma  is a marine embayment formed within a tuff ring and located along the southeast coast of the Island of Oʻahu in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood of East Honolulu, in the Hawaiian Islands

Hanauma is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Island and has suffered somewhat from overuse (at one time accommodating over three million visitors per year). In 1956, dynamite was used to clear portions of the reef to make room for telephone cables linking Hawaii to the west coast of the US

Formed within a volcanic cone, today Hanauma Bay offers a pristine marine ecosystem after the City and County of Honolulu laid out a plan in 1990 to restore the “curved bay,” after years of neglect and abuse from the millions of visitors who visit and love to snorkel Hanauma Bay.

Part of this plan requires first-time visitors to watch a video before entering the park so they can learn about the marine life, preservation, conservation, and safety rules for the park.

Again, be aware that great care and responsibility should be shown in the waters and on the beaches. This is the first Marine Life Conservation District in Hawaii so it’s important for visitors to preserve the fragile marine ecosystem of the bay by not littering and by not touching the sea animals or coral.