Huahine Island – French Polynesia


Huahine Island

About thirty minutes by plane from the island of Tahiti, Huahine, with its lush forests. Untamed landscape, and quaint villages, is one of Polynesia’s best-kept secrets

A deep, crystal-clear lagoon surrounds the two islands while magnificent bays and white-sand beaches add drama and solitude to their virtues. Relatively unchanged by the modern world, Huahine offer a slower taste of old Polynesia.

With only eight small villages scattered across the island, the few residents welcome visitors with great kindness. Not surprisingly, this fertile world offers rich soil providing the local farmers a bountiful harvest of vanilla, melons, and bananas.



In addition, the Royal Huahine is the most luxurious hotel of Huahine, the “Island of Gardens”. Hidden in a small bay, this resort offers calm and intimacy for the greatest pleasure of honeymooners. It features 18 bungalows in the garden, 11 on the beach and 11 over the water. All facing west to take advantage of the spectacular sunsets over the neighbouring islands of Raiatea and Tahaa.
Also one of the famous attractions on the island is a bridge that crosses over a stream with 0.9 m – 1.8 m long freshwater eels. These eels are deemed sacred by the locals, by local mythology. While viewing these slithering creatures, tourists can buy a can of mackerel and feed the eels. The Fa’ahia archaeological site in the north of the island has revealed subfossil remains of several species of extinct birds exterminated by the earliest Polynesian colonists of the island.


Mythology provides two legends for the creation of the two islands of Huahine: either the god Hiro cut the island in half with his canoe or a spear thrown in a contest among gods pierced Moorea’s Mt. Mouaputa and then sailed 100 miles where it split Huahine in two!