GALLERY: Ifaty, Madagascar!



The Ifaty southern region is delightfully laidback, comprised of two small fishing villages called Mangily and Madio Rano.

Between these villages you will find a collection of bungalow accommodation options, making it an ideal beach destination to unwind after your more active trekking and wildlife exploits on other parts of the island, or simply watch the traditional ‘pirogue’ fishing boats ply the gentle waters.

As the fourth largest island on earth protecting a spectacular array of wildlife and the highest biodiversity on the planet, Madagascar’s attractions lie largely in its national parks and special reserves.

The habitats are wide-ranging and shelter thousands of species of plant and animal life, of which an estimated 80% are not found anywhere else on earth, due to its astonishing isolation.

So important is the preservation of these sanctuaries and their endemic species that the institution Madagascar National Parks was founded in 1990 to assist in conservation of natural resources across all national parks and reserves.

The parks and attractions themselves range from the popular Andasibe which almost guarantees lemur sightings and Berenty Reserve with its dancing sifakas, to private islands such as Nosy Tsarabanjina and the mountainous waterfall-clad terrain of Amber Mountain.