GALLERY: 7 Reasons why Jamaica needs to be your next Destination!



“Wake the town and tell the people” is the first thing I read as I headed into Montego Bay after grabbing a curbside drink at the airport tiki bar (as one does)

I would be doing this tropical oasis a major disservice if I didn’t give you the details so you can book your flight immediately.

Where can you stumble into beauty, kindness, relaxation, and adventure all in one place? Jamaica, that’s where.

Look no further for a perfect long weekend in paradise because this country had me doing double-takes for three days straight.


1.Taste Jamaica!

Favorites include: Sugar Mill at Half Moon Resort, Murphy’s in Negril (a perfect hole in the wall that you cannot miss out on), and Round Hill’s spin on farm-to-table dining. If you’re looking for fresh, you’ve come to the right place.


2. Beaches!

Just north of Negril lies my personal favorite, Seven Mile Beach. There are multiple spots along this stretch of sand to grab a drink and a chair for the day.


3. Half Moon Resort!

Walking into the lobby is an experience in itself, leading you straight into one of its pretty restaurants and onto the sand. Dreams really can come true, and they do at Half Moon.


4. Coconut water!

Talk about there being something in the water — it’s literally straight from the trees and all you need is a straw. Pro tip: order one at Rockhouse Hotel . . . you won’t be disappointed.


5. Beach side massage!

The setting itself is more than enough to facilitate unwinding, but the beachside massages take it to another level. If you’re into feeling like a goddess in a tropical paradise, book a session without hesitation.


6. Enjoy the Entertainment!

Round Hill in Montego Bay puts on quite the after-dinner show — we’re talking fire dancers, contortionists, and incredible live music. Definitely worth staying for!


7. Visit Rick’s Cafe!

Negril is known for keeping it low-key, so if you’re looking to let loose, stop by Rick’s Cafe. This famous hot spot is a bar and restaurant, but most people will flock to watch the sunset and cliff divers. You can swim, take in live music, and have a rum punch all at the same time (my ideal situation).