Little Girl Comes Of Tunnel Slide Crying, Mom Is Sickened When She Looks Inside…



Most children have a lot of excess energy and it’s really difficult to get them to stay still for prolonged periods of time. So, because of this, society invented a little place called the park. It’s a place where children can go and burn off their energy while parents relax.

But, after reading what happened to Amy Smith and her little daughter at the park, I don’t think parents are going to be able to relax when they take their children to the park anymore.

It all started when Amy had found that her daughter was taking longer than usual to come down a slide. Amy didn’t instantly react because slides are usually relatively safe but after a little while her daughter came down the slide crying and Amy instantly knew that something was wrong.

When she came running to mommy in tears, Amy was shocked to find her leg was dripping with blood. This was no accident, someone intentionally set the park up so that a child would be hurt that day.

Mom was horrified when she found broken glass on a portion of the slide that had been intentionally put there to harm children. Her baby, Demi-Mai, was badly cut with some shards still embedded in her leg. She rushed her daughter to the hospital where she received special care.

Baby Demi-Mai should be fine and is fully recovering at home but she is now traumatized by the experience and too scared to use the slides now.

Her mom now wants to get the message out to other parents that they should inspect play equipment before letting their kids play on it. She hopes no other parents has to go through what they went through.

I am fully aware that there are some sick people in this world but why do this to a child? Why just plant glass shards on a slide for a child to get hurt? It makes no sense and I hope that the culprit is found and gets what he or she deserves.

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