Michael Phelps vs. Shark: Who Won the Michael Phelps vs. Shark Race?



With 23 Olympic gold medals, swimmer Michael Phelps needed a new challenge.

And what better challenger for the most decorated Olympian in history than the ocean’s most fearsome predator – the Great White Shark.

The king of the pool threw down the gauntlet to the king of the ocean for a new documentary.

But did he bite off more than he could chew?
Phelps vs Shark saw the American swimmer don a ‘monofin’ take to the open waves off Cape Town, South Africa for Shark Week.

Backed by a 15-strong army of divers underneath him for protection, he emulated the shark’s shape and swimming conditions while racing over 100m.

Viewers in the US tuned in to the Discovery Channel on Sunday night to see the results of this amphibious battle to end all battles.

So did Phelps win the ultimate contest of human conditioning and skill versus pure, survival of the fittest evolution… or did he become lunch?

Well, sort of.

For starters, much to the disappointment of some viewers, Phelps, 32, didn’t actually race a real shark.