VIDEO: Michelle And Barack Obama Are Living Their Best Lives As Tourists In Italy!



Former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump will travel abroad in Europe.

While Obama enjoys his retirement with a vacation in Italy and a meeting with a U.S. ally, Trump is in the midst of his first international trip as leader of the free world, with stops in both Europe and the Middle East

Former president Barack Obama gave a talk on climate change earlier this month and it appears the Obamas made the work trip into a vacation. The two are reportedly staying at the incredible Borgo Finocchieto villa in the Tuscan countryside.

Barack Obama is clearly loving his time in Italy, as he’s transformed into a rock star and played a few rounds of golf.

After Obama left office in January, the couple has traveled all around the globe. They’ve made stops in Palm Springs, the British Virgin Islands, an island in the South Pacific and even enjoyed a little yachting with their famous friends.

While many people have lamented the Obamas’ absence during this turbulent time, Michelle promised the two would be back soon during a recent appearance in Washington, D.C.

“We’re not gone, we’re just breathing, y’all. Let us breathe,” Obama said, per People magazine. “We’ve got to get our new lives set up.”