18 Mind-Blowing Photos You’ll Have to Look at Twice


At times, life can present seriously blatant coincidences that give us the impression of being trapped inside some sort of video game full of glitches.

Greatest Places would like to share with you 17 déjà vu moments that will have you wondering whether we are secretly living in the actual matrix.


When there’s you behind you


Traveling companions


Gandalf and Dumbledore taking the same bus


Policeman conveyor belt


Three identical customers at a coffee shop


Seven wonders


How is this possible?


These trees are well taken care of


An army of blondes


Take a look at the plates. Insane, isn’t it?


Is that a window or a mirror?


Twin convention on the subway


Four strangers…same choices of clothes


That’s one unlikely convoy


“I’d like to report a glitch in the matrix.”


Double trouble


Are we dealing with a time traveler here?


Bonus: The outline of nature