GALLERY: Oslob, Cangcuay Beach – Philippines!


Cangcua-Ay (aka Cancuay or Cancuaay) Beach is a private beach located inside the resort, Villa Modern Deluxe in Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob. The entrance to the resort is located along the main road. From the entrance, you will need to walk around 200 steps to the beach.

From the resort entrance along the highway, there is stair that has around 200 steps going down to the beach. Going down in the 200-step stair is not so hard, but going back especially with all your luggage is different LOL. After the 200 steps, you will be welcomed by a beautiful view of the ocean and the resort cottages.

You can relax in the hammock beside the huge rocks, try cliff diving on a diving platform standing on one of the huge rocks or just enjoy swimming and gaze upon the horizon of the sea.

So if you’re looking a place to relax after a day in Oslob, you should check out Cangcua-Ay beach, a perfect side trip whenever in Oslob. Thanks for reading!