Video & Rare photos of ‘balanced rocks’ that seem to defy the law of physics—just INCREDIBLE!



Is he an artist, a Photoshop master, or a magician? This is the first question that come to anyone’s mind when one sees his unique art work! His stunning creations are making vibes all over the Internet.

Meet Michael Grab, who is passionate about creating towering structures from finely balanced rocks.

“Achieving a challenging balance requires contemplation of both mental and physical elements simultaneously. You must “get to know” the rocks you are working with,” Grab writes in his artist statement, on his Facebook page called Gravity Glue.

Check out creations below…

“Alongside the art, setting rocks into balance has also become a way of showing appreciation, offering thanksgiving, and inducing meditation,” Garb writes.

“Through manipulation of gravitational threads, the ancient stones become a poetic dance of form and energy, birth and death, perfection and imperfection. they become a reflection of ourselves in a way.”