How to protect your phone on a beach.


In today’s world of rapidly evolving technology, it’s no wonder many of us are so consumed in it. We tend to bring our cell phones almost everywhere, including places where damage can easily occur. For this time of year, two of the most dangerous places for your cell phone is the beach and the pool. Luckily, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks to keep your cell phone safe. We all know the obvious waterproof options, but what about those of us who prefer our traditional cases without spending the extra buck?

We’ve made a brief guide on how to keep your digital companion intact while having joyous fun on the beach or near the pool and prevent such a calamity from happening in the first place.


1. Decide whether you even need your valuables at the beach.

Sure, you want to take photos at the beach, but can you do that and then head back to your accommodation to drop off your phone, then return empty-handed and go for a swim?

If you’re staying close to the beach (or even on the beach!), this is a smart option. If you’re staying further away from the beach, it becomes less desirable.


2. Hide them in a your beach toys

A day at the beach is made much more enjoyable with beach toys. But what if one or more of those items could double as a hiding place for valuables? Wrap them in a plastic baggie, and put them in the center hole of a swim noodle; just don’t forget which noodle you hid them in or your valuables might wash up on shore on another continent.


3. Beware the selfie stick

Whether you’re trying one for the first time or you’re a seasoned selfie-stick expert, you should always make sure you’re using the right one for your phone. Before attempting that memorable group shot, take the time to inspect your phone and the clasp to make sure that your phone fits snugly.


4. If you drown your phone, immediately use a hairdryer on MEDIUM heat.

You’ve probably heard of the rice trick, but Gazelle tested and compared it to seven other methods, and they recommend shaking, blowing, and/or vacuuming as much water out as you can before relying on drying agents. Rice, kitty litter, and even a sponge can get out the last few drops, but probably won’t save a soaked phone on their own.


5. Invest in a ‘Sand Locker’

While it is fun to think of ways to trick potential thieves, sometimes it is best to find products created by expert inventors. featured two such items: The Aqua Vault and Beach Vault. Both items are designed not only to hide your belongings, but also to have them safely locked.