5+ Realistic Cartoon Characters similar to Real Life People!



Everybody remembers our old cartoons and how all characters are made. Hand-drawn pictures of all our favorite heroes, by the great artists of their work. For today we’ve selected some of those characters in a form that you’ve never seen before.

Real skin, real eyes, real art! Swapped from 2D to 3D, this characters are full with life that is something beyond our cartoon imagination.Which one is the most convincing? Vote on your favorite, or if you’re a 3D guru, submit your own creations below!


Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth


Jake the Dog


Super Mario


Homer Simpson


Beavis and Butthead




Stewie Griffin


Charlie Brown


Raphael from TMNT


Fred Flintstone


Peter Griffin


Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z


Barnie Rubble


Frieza from Dragon Ball Z