VIDEO: 10 Secret Beaches Hidden Around The World!



There are still some “secret” hidden beaches in the world, some are more remote than others, but more often than not; the more effort you put into getting to them, the better and more secluded the beach.

The world is full of hidden beaches, but discovering them before the masses do can be challenging. So shhh … we’re letting the cat out of bag on a few of our favorite global destinations for relatively untracked sand and surf.

And while that’s not to say you’ll have the shore all to yourself, it’s a good bet you’ll be among mostly locals — and a handful of intrepid travelers savvy enough to put these gems on their beach-hopping agendas.

The worst thing about going to the shore for vacation is dealing with the crowds. No one wants to get splashed by kids they don’t know or forced to listen to music they don’t find relaxing. Well, these unknown beaches are not only peaceful, but also pristine

The good news is that there are still undiscovered beaches out there—blissful hideaways where tourism hasn’t yet eclipsed the local culture and there’s more to do, for those so inspired, than loll on the sand.

T+L went scouting for such secret beaches and turned up everything from a quaint, affordable fishing village in Portugal to world-class surfing waves in Todos Santos, a cliff-side artist colony in Mexico.


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