What You See First in These Pictures Will Reveal Your Subconscious Fear!



What scares you the most? Changing cities, a stranger following you down a street, a tooth extraction or a rat scurrying down your room? Well, whatever your answer may be, worry not for everyone has a subconscious fear, whether they admit it or not. But what if your subconscious fear is something more abstract – a concept, perhaps? Have no fear (pun intended) for this blog is here to help you find out what troubles your mind the most. For this purpose, we will be sharing with you, the artful styling of Vladimir Kush – a Russian surreal artist based in Moscow. Look at this picture and record what strikes your eyes at first – The knife, the apple, the caterpillar or the butterfly? Be sincere to yourself and read on to find out your subconscious fear!


The Knife

If the knife is the first of the four main objects to have struck your eyes, your subconscious fear is you suffering from a terminal illness without knowing it. A constant obsession with the preoccupation of falling terminally ill haunts you. You might live in constant fear of the emergence of a potentially life-threatening disease into your life which may cause your days to be much lesser numbered. AIDS, HIV, cancer or any other condition, this fear might be influenced by the suffering you may have seen a loved one go through. Medically known as Health Anxiety, even the smallest of illness or unpleasant feelings might make you feel like you’re about to suffer from something ten times in magnitude. However, if you too feel that your chest tightening might be the onset of a heart attack, you are not alone!

The Apple

If what struck your eye first was the apple, your subconscious fear is the loss of someone very close to you. This, again, could be triggered due to the sudden or untimely demise of someone very near to you and is probably what keeps eating at your mind from behind the shadows. A very normal feeling to have as human beings, the damage done to our minds due to the passing away of someone close is always permanent albeit it ultimately heals with time as we come to terms with the fact that they are indeed, in a better place now. With the hope of seeing them again one day and the bliss that comes with knowing you are never to part again, we often find peace in acceptance. If you’re recognizing yourself through these words, chances are, you’re already moving on and would only feel all the more pleasant if it were for some help for you. Studies show it is best to develop a spiritual connection with whoever has left this world. Whether it be through Yoga or meditation or simply sitting still for a few minutes, it is always helpful to find a getaway and charge up. This power will not only fuel you through the day but also help recover from the damage.

The Caterpillar 

If it’s the caterpillar that is what you saw the moment you laid eyes on Vladimir’s work of art, your subconscious fear is that of supernatural beings – ghosts! Termed Phasmophobia by medical experts, this is also sometimes interchangeably used with Spectrophobia, where the persons complain of the same dreaded sights, more or less. If you find yourself constantly being watched, especially if it’s right before you go to bed, chances are you did see the caterpillar first. With movies, cultural adaptations, horror literature or even religious teachings being the core of this fear, the brain’s Amygdala is constantly stimulated to send those creepy vibes down your body every time you hear a bump in the night. Worry not though, because this is simply the human body’s defense mechanism at work. Worse in the night as compared to very mellow or absent throughout the day, good news – your condition is not impossible to overcome. Studies show that the best way to overcome a fear of ghosts or similar supernatural beings is to list down all that factors that trigger your fears and try to accept and come to terms with them when you’re most comfortable. So if you’re already reaching for the pen and paper, we’re sure it’s the caterpillar you saw first!

The Butterfly 

People who notice the butterfly at the first glance they take, have their subconscious fear as that of a betrayal. Rejection from someone you’ve fancied since a long time, refusal from a University or job offer, friends making plans without you, or anything along these lines is what keeps your fears up. Since this could be a chronic event, you probably have by now, working your way around showing this to those around you. It does, however, flare up when you’re face to face with it. This should not be taken too lightly, as it’s a recognized medical condition called Pisanthrophobia, which a lot of people actually have. You might find yourself vulnerable to opening up to other people just for the reason that they might hurt you down the road. Second guessing the choices you make in getting to know people, you may have reasonable justifications for doing so. Just remember, however, that just like most of the other things on this list, your fear is all a mental constriction too.

So there you have it! You must have identified your subconscious fear from any of the four options. Do let us know down below what yours is and always remember – life is an interesting journey with its ups and downs. Here’s to making our fears from today our strengths for tomorrow!


The Little Girl

This reveals your hidden trauma experienced in childhood, whether it was during the time your mother was pregnant with you, in childbirth or the neonatal period. The relationship with the caretaker, is crucial to a child’s development if he/she is deprived of essential nurturing love and care early on as a baby, it can leave deep seated effects throughout an individual’s life. It has probably now affected your ability to make decisions or cope with stress.

The Butterfly

A butterfly holds a lot of meanings in the art of symbology. It represents a new life event, happiness and hope. In this case a butterfly with dark wings represents an opportunity that was missed. Something good that was to come along your way, but you did not take the risk to avail it. Butterflies are also connected with spirituality. They supposedly lead the dead into the afterlife. This may also represent you may not be connected with your spiritual side and your soul is lost, meaning you need to find a way to connect.

The Strawberry

If you see the strawberry first, that means you are probably in a complicated romantic attachment. You fear your current relationship may not be right for you, or you might never truly find the person you truly love in your lifetime. This stems from the fact that you had a rocky relationship with your parents in childhood and they did not use usual ways to express their gratitude and love. Strawberries are a sign of love, the Greek mythology said; they were created with the tears of Venus that fell on sand, as she wept because of the death of her lover, Adonis.

The Skull

Although there is no skull in the picture, most people will notice it when they are pointed towards it, but others seem to notice it without any help. If you seem to notice the skull first, the optical illusion, you probably live in fear of disappointing others. This may also symbolize the fact that you are scared of dying yourself or fear the death of your loved ones. This has its roots deep in the situations that have made you feel hopeless and not being able to change or influence it in the past. So thus, now you fear similar situations, where you may no longer be in control such as a death or an illness.

The Trees on Side

Both the trees on either side symbolize our roots; it represents some kind of deep-seated conflict within yourself. You may be torn apart by something that is bothering you deep down, whether it is the guilt of something that you have done in the past or sadness or depression. If you are fighting your inner monsters or fears you may keep your prejudice aside, talk to those who are close to you, your family and friends and reach out for help to resolve your inner conflict.



The Girl

See it? If you noticed a little girl in the picture first, then it turns out that you are made up of the following.

You’re a charming fellow. You lure people into your charm and engage in deep and meaningful conversations. Your speech is loud and clear and has the ability to make everyone stop and only listen to your voice. You know how to go about things and can do whatever you put your mind to.

People give you a lot of attention, to others’ envy. You’re also very creative. You don’t really feel pressure and are not bothered about what others have to say. That’s the way to go!

Additionally, you’re also a very mysterious person!

What you seem to others, you are really not. Your real self is a much different person and is only displayed to those close to you. You keep your progress and achievements a secret and never let out your thoughts to any random person. Also, your tastes and choices are based on your own beliefs, which not many people know about. Also, your mystery and your charm combine when it comes to people.

You have the ability to evoke a sense of curiosity in the people around you and never let yourself open too quickly when in love. Instead, you play it slow and open yourself up bit by bit. To sum it up, you are a mysteriously charming person!

The Skull

Whoops! Seeing a skull first would mean you’re an aggressively hardcore person…but it doesn’t!

Seeing the skull depicts something completely different about you. As surprised as we are, noticing the skull first indicates that you are a person with a soft corner in their heart. You’re open to suggestions and advice, and you listen to foreign opinions no matter how much you might disagree with them. It’s surely a great character trait to have.

It also shows that you are an understanding person. You easily understand the emotions and feelings of your fellow human beings and are ready to sympathize with them. Being unbiased, you are also a fast learner who adapts quickly to the situation around them. Moreover, you are a sensible person who always takes calculated decisions and treats everyone with kindness.

Because of those qualities, you have a huge amount of respect in people’s hearts and they follow you wholeheartedly. Oh, and we almost forgot: you’re charming, too!

The Scenery

Noticing the scenery first and foremost also reveals some interesting facts about you.

For instance, it shows that you’re a passionate individual. You follow your dreams and try to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Also, you enjoy your hobbies and embrace them without any second thoughts. Consideration comes naturally to you and you have an amazing habit of helping the people who need it. This is a beautiful character trait as it shows that you have no ego and are always ready to be of help. This is something that is missing in so many people in today’s day and age.

You also set the mood around you, with your radiant energy and liveliness. Your vibes are contagious and because of that, you are able to change the tone and mood of everyone around you. Another thing that comes with this is the ability to stand up for the truth. If you noticed the scenery first, it means that you are mentally strong and are not afraid to take a step you think is right. People place their trust in you as they know that you will not wrong them, and this is one of the reasons you have gained a lot of respect in everyone’s hearts.

You do whatever you set your mind to and that is why you are a very responsible person. You can always be counted on to do a good job, no matter what it is.