Song Saa, Private Island – Cambodia

song saa, cambodia

Song Saa is a remote private island resort off the coast of Cambodia.Also offering ultra-luxurious villas built into the jungle or perched on stilts over the sea. The food is fabulous, there’s a soporific spa, and a ravishingly relaxing vibe. Rates are expensive, but include all meals and most drinks. Worth saving up for.

Created with sustainability in mind, our resort reflects the beauty of the Cambodian coast. It’s a place that breathes in time with nature. In addition, it was built from local materials, by local hands, and infused with local art and soul.

An evolved tropical getaway with a pristine private beach, 24 spacious villas, heavenly spa sanctuaries and a protected coral reef. Song Saa Private Island lets you detach from the world and tune in to simple pleasures.

song saa

Song Saa Private Island is accessible via private boat. Our resort offers private mooring for boats of all sizes, with a day rate inclusive of our luxury resort facilities, including pool, restaurant and bar access, and some non-motorized sports. Helicopter transfers are also available from nearby cities including Siem Reap.

Song Saa combines luxury and a strong conservationist philosophy without pretentions. Sitting in the middle of a 100-hectare marine reserve (which Song Saa helped to establish), guests can stroll along sun-bleached wooden walkways to an overwater restaurant, a champagne bar and the hilltop Ila spa (stay for more than five nights and a pile of wellness treatments are included in the price). There’s also a watersports centre, where magical experiences abound, from morning snorkels around coral reefs in search of seahorses, to afternoon kayaking through shady mangroves with the resident marine biologist, to night-time dips in bioluminescent waters


  • Island living doesn’t come more blissful than this. There’s nothing to disturb the peace other than the sound of lapping waves and the odd boat
  • The food, a mix of traditional Cambodian and sophisticated European, is spectacular. Meals can be served overlooking the ocean, by your pool, even on the beach
  • Ideal for honeymooners, but surprisingly family-friendly, too: there’s an on-site nanny, and staff can set up treasure hunts
  • Rates include all meals and most drinks, as well as laundry, minibars, international phone calls, many activities and speedboat transfers (30 minutes) from the mainland
  • A commendable commitment to the environment: Rory and Melita have set up a marine reserve around the islands and employ 6 conservation staff