GALLERY & VIDEO: Most Visited Beach in South America – Playa Blanca, Isla de Baru!



Turquoise waters lap lazily on the shore as the warm Caribbean sun starts to lower in the sky. Sun-kissed beach vendors push carts of fresh fruit, fried red snapper and ceviche while backpackers-turned-beach bums sell handwoven bracelets (which I am admittedly a sucker for and quickly buy) to beach goers draped languidly across white plastic chairs and towels

I check my iPhone (even out here in far flung Colombia I am keen to carry this phone with me to snap Instagram worthy photos) and see that the golden hour of 3pm is upon us. But it has nothing to do with sunlight or photography.

I look up and like Cinderella being swept back into her pumpkin carriage, I watch as the hoards of tourists that dotted the beach now pile into boats heading back to Cartagena – at 3pm, the day visitors leave the island.

Just like that, one of the most popular beaches in the area is transformed from an amusement park of screaming kids, banana boat rides and careless, littering day-trippers to a deserted paradise albeit a few local vendors packing up their stands and conscientious travelers making their way down to the hostels. It seems to be a secret that few travelers know of but to enjoy paradise in Cartagena you simply have to stay put.

Baru has many beautiful beaches, but only a few of them are open to the public, including Playa Bobo, Punta Iguana, Puerto Naito, and Playa Blanca (the most popular). The others, sadly, are either private beaches, or they belong to hotel complexes.


Check out the video!