Spectacular Photoshop masterpieces take us from the ordinary world into wondrous realm!



While photography shows us the world as it is, art reveals a world that transcends the one that we know. Now however, technology allows artists to take photography far beyond its original means; and express ideas that surpass the ordinary.

Queen of the arcade: architecture and atmosphere transform her realm

Every picture tells us a story, and reveals something about who we are, and what kind of world we live in. Amazingly, artists are now able to engender outlandish new worlds from photographs using computer technology—expressing ideas that go far beyond our world. Such works of art may aspire to beauty and truth or delve into fantasy and the surreal. Here are a handful of wondrous photos that take us beyond the ordinary, and into the sublime world of art.


Winter song: color and contrast create fantastical crispness and warmth


A world between Heaven and Earth: a mundane mist becomes a transcendent sunset


Augmented beauty: feminine grace becomes something both cold and beautiful


Frosted crimson: color and coolness both vivid and clear


The ‘aquarium’: translucent light takes us into the world of the deep


‘Mirror, mirror on the wall…’: pales tones bring out a haunting apparition


A hole-in-the-wall home: a place where we feel less than ‘at home’


Nautical nightmare: submerged in a mariner’s misadventures


As American as Coca-Cola: a golden age we all wish we knew!


Summer in the city: that romantic excitement we all feel for the Big Apple


Girl of the roses: The garden becomes a place of mystery and magic


Fairy world encounter: ordinary places sometimes reveal enchanted abodes