STORY: Couple Welcomes First Girl Into Family in Almost 140 Years!



It’s a girl! A couple in South Carolina is celebrating the birth of their baby girl – the first girl to be born into their family in 137 years.

“Everybody was a little bit stunned at first!” says Kelen Settle, who welcomed daughter Carter Louise Settle on June 25.

Kelen, 36, and her husband Will Settle, 38, had their baby gender reveal at a family Christmas party back home in Atlanta.

And when pink and purple balloons popped out of the box, “everybody went crazy,” Kelen tells. “We really thought it would be a boy,” she continues.The couple knew a girl hadn’t been born into the Settle family in years, but they didn’t know just how long it had been until Will’s father did a little digging into their family tree and realized it had been 137 years.

“It was an absolute wow moment,” Kelen says. “I think it’s going to be cool for her. It’s a little fun fact.”

Kelen says she and her husband didn’t purposefully choose a unisex name for their baby girl, they just “really liked” the name Carter.

“We didn’t have many girl names to go on from his family, obviously! We just decided to go with something we both liked,” says Kelen.

“We wanted something strong that would be cute when she was 2 but would also work when she’s in the job force.”