TIPS: Did You Know That Using A Potato You Can Light A Room For A Month!



Researchers revealed : Potatoes cooked 8 minutes, can create a battery that produces 10 times more power than raw! Professor of science and agriculture, Haim Rabinovitch discovered that by using units made of slices of potato quarters located between the copper cathode and a zinc anode connected with wire can light the room with LED lights up to 40 days.

Can you imagine all the opportunities of this research, all those possibilities that this discovery offer to people in underdeveloped parts of the world?

But, why potatoes?
– They are chosen because the world abundant in potatoes.
– Potatoes can grow almost everywhere, including tropical and subtropical climate.

Potato is not itself a source of energy. By acting as a bridge between all the metal, potato allows electrons to move freely through the wire, as it helps to provide electricity.

To be clear, the potato is not, in and of itself, an energy source. What the potato does is simply help conduct electricity by acting as what’s called a salt-bridge between the the two metals, allowing the electron current to move freely across the wire to create electricity. Numerous fruits rich in electrolytes like bananas and strawberries can also form this chemical reaction. They’re basically nature’s version of battery acid.

“Potatoes were chosen because of their availability all over including the tropics and sub-tropics,” Rabinowitch told the Science and Development Network. They are the world’s fourth most abundant food crop.”

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