VIDEO: Top 5 Most FUNNY Wild Animal Attacks!



Yesterday I was on a mission, to find the funniest animal attacks on news reports.  It was a rousing success.  I found 5 videos. All are funny.  I was especially amused the the wild bird chasing the reporter down the road.

Time and again incidences have surfaced that reveal the importance of maintaining a healthy distance from the nature’s wild side.

As humans take their liberty to approach animals of prey, the game has started getting ferocious and deadly. According to Michael Conover, management expert at the Berryman Institute of Utah State University, the main reason behind rising animal attacks on humans is the encroachment of humans into animal habitat.

We say “almost always” because the following folks not only went up against some of Mother Nature’s most dangerous killers and managed to survive, they did it by pulling the kind of crazy shit that action heroes would scoff at in disbelief.


Check out the video for the Top 5 Most FUNNY Wild Animal Attacks!