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Have you ever ever asked yourself: “What is the largest storm on Earth?” How about “Which are the most destructive storms to ever hit planet Earth?” Or “Which storms caused the most death and destruction?”

From hurricanes, like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA and Hurricane Mitch in Central America, to snowstorms like the Iran Blizzard of 1972, to tornadoes like the Tri-State Tornado of Illinois, Indiana and Missouri, these famous storm names have wreaked havoc on humanity. We count down ten of the worst storms in world history.

With the incredible forces they wield, storms are capable of changing thousands of lives in minutes. How can we compare the destructiveness of such awe-inspiring engines of nature? Do we tally the lives they claim? Weigh their lasting impacts on the cities and towns they raze? Assess their financial toll?

All are valid criteria, but none alone is sufficient to encompass the scale and severity of truly titanic typhoons; that requires a holistic approach, one that takes into account the wide array of tangible and intangible harms wrought by their havoc.

All circling weather patterns with low-pressure centers, whether they rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, are technically cyclones, a group that includes hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as huge systems like middle-latitude (or midlatitudecyclones.

Since we’re interested in the intensity and destructive power of storms, we also need to know how scientists classify them.


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