This Travel Company will set up a pop-up Hotel for you Anywhere in the World!



If you’ve ever been travelling the world and envisioned a beautiful site as the ideal place for a hotel, a new high-end travel operator will help you make that vision a reality by building a hotel from the ground up, just for you, to all your exact specifications.

Such is the promise of Blink, a new vacation service created and offered by luxury travel outfitter Black Tomato. Launched earlier this month, Blink is a simple concept with a complicated execution.

Guests will pick a region or a country, and Black Tomato’s service will go out and find a spotless tract of land on which to construct a fully-customized pop-up hotel that meets all the guests’ dreams and desires.

These customized hotels will even include staff, day trips, and meals. In fact, guests will be able to choose every facet of their hotel experience, from the linens on the beds to the views out the windows to bottles of wine that will be available to them during their stay.

In all likelihood, Blink is the high-end global hospitality industry’s single most personalized travel experience.

The co-founder of Black Tomato, recently spoke with BloombergPursuits about Blink, noting that the concept was conceived as a direct response to the way pop-up retail shops have become more popular in recent years.

Marchant told BloombergPursuits, “People use the words ‘tailor made’ so ubiquitously these days. What does that even mean anymore? Temporary experiences really excite people. They create a sense of urgency.”

Marchant went on to tell BloombergPursuits that he believes these sort of concepts are the direction that luxury travel has begun to move toward.

To Marchant, one personal definition of luxury is an experience that is so true and unique, that it simply can’t be repeated. Indeed, this seems to be the direction that hotel operators across the world are moving.