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1. Eilean Mor Lighthouse

On the 26th December 1900, a small ship was making its way to the Flannan Islands in the remote Outer Hebridies. Its destination was the lighthouse at Eilean Mor, a remote island which (apart from its lighthouse keepers) was completely uninhabited.

Although uninhabited, the island has always sparked people’s interest. It is named after St. Flannen, a 6th century Irish Bishop who later became a saint. He built a chapel on the island and for centuries shepherds used to bring over sheep to the island to graze but would never stay the night, fearful of the spirits believed to haunt that remote spot.


2. The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

A woman and three children who claimed to be possessed by demons. A 9-year-old boy walking backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse.Gary police Capt. Charles Austin said it was the strangest story he had ever heard.

Austin, a 36-year veteran of the Gary Police Department, said he initially thought Indianapolis resident Latoya Ammons and her family concocted an elaborate tale as a way to make money. But after several visits to their home and interviews with witnesses, Austin said simply, “I am a believer.”

Not everyone involved with the family was inclined to believe its incredible story. And many readers will find Ammons’ supernatural claims impossible to accept


3. The moving coffins of the chase family vault.

Barbados may be known as a popular tourist destination, but local culture and history involve more than just white sand beaches and fruity mixed drinks. In the center of the island is Christ Parish Church, whose graveyard—like many graveyards—has a few ghost stories. One particular tale involves a family’s tragic saga, and a legacy of postmortem unrest.

In 1808, the Chase family purchased the vault for the burial of their child, an infant by the name of Mary-Anne Maria (some claim her name was Ann Marie, or Mary Ann Marie). The tomb had been built in 1724, and already held the body of a Ms. Thomasina Goddard, buried in 1807. Colonel Thomas Chase, patriarch of the family, decided against disturbing the deceased by moving her coffin out of his new family vault.

Four years after they buried their baby, the Chases had to bury another child: their daughter Dorcas. The circumstances surrounding her death were more than slightly unusual; the young girl starved herself to death, apparently as an act of rebellion against her father, Thomas, who was supposedly abusing her.


4. Mysterious suicide victim, Jeffrey Daniel.

On November 10, 1997, a man appearing to be in his late thirties checked into the Super 8 Motel in Aiken, South Carolina. He paid cash to rent the room for three days but did not identify himself, telling the staff he wanted to “leave all that behind.” That night, the man ordered a pizza for his room but did not answer the door. A “Do Not Disturb” sign was seen hanging on the door with a handwritten message: “I’m not responsible for the consequences.”

Three days later, the man was found dead inside his bathroom. He had committed suicide, but his method of death has never been released to the public. No identification could be found at the scene, and two bottles of anti-depressants had their labels torn off, indicating that the mysterious guest wanted to conceal his identity.


5. The Eerily Bizarre Vanishing of Kenny Veach

In the world of mysterious disappearances there are often those that are especially pervaded with an air of the strange, the baffling, and even the paranormal.

A person who has simply vanished into thin air is already curious enough as it is, but when it is laced with stories of unexplained phenomena and spooky locations the case takes on an even more bizarre tone that can propel it firmly and deeply into the world of the weird.

Such is the case of an adventurous hiker by the name of Kenny Veach, who went out into the desert in search of a mysterious cave and never returned, leaving speculation and mystery in the void he left behind. What happened to Kenny Veach?


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