VIDEO: 10 Most Dangerous Waters in the World!



Divers thrive off the thrill of exploring all the underwater caverns the world’s vast oceans have to offer. However, there are many waters that can cost even the most experienced diver their life.

What makes you want to take your clothes off and jump in nature’s pools? Factors probably include beautiful bright blue color and calm waters. But don’t ever get fooled with such beauty for you may not know what’s underneath it.

We’ll leave monsters to your imagination but in reality, nature isn’t always a safe place to have fun in. What’s worse, is that humans also have the tendency to make safe things into a toxic places. Where do you find these dangerous bodies of water? Read on to find out.

This body of water, which is the route people took when traveling from the east to the west coast before the Panama Canal was constructed, is where the Atlantic meets the Pacific. Known for its unpredictable weather conditions, hurricanes here can reach 12 on the scale.

While we cannot make use of all of this area, we can make use of what is contained within the oceans, including the fish and plant life.

We are capable of drinking the water once it has been filtered, grow crops with it, and even sail our boats for extended periods of time. That being said, there are many bodies of water that are just shockingly dangerous.


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