VIDEO: 10 Most Expensive Luxury Motorhomes in the World!



RVs or recreation vehicles in a traditional sense were motor vehicles or trailers equipped with living space or amenities found in a home.

Over the last few decades these vehicles have been growing in popularity and have evolved to cater to various different sections of society, today the most expensive RVs are nothing short of a ‘home away from home’.

These super-luxury motor-homes are only accessible to a few people, nevertheless they are impressive.

Just be aware that to drive these in Europe you may have to have them fitted with legislation-compliant equipment as well as having a bus driving license.

Typically these highly customized ‘palaces on wheels’ offer luxuries such as a fully stacked kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and many other recreational and essential amenities making them extremely popular among superstars and celebrities.


Below are the ‘Top 10 Most Expensive RVs.