VIDEO: 15 Most Shocking Underwater Discoveries Caught On Camera



The very specialized and prevalent prepared jumpers, Clem and Bubba, went on a plunge outing to Cozumel. They were of the new type of jumpers, “The Technical Diver”. These jumper’s were very much prepared. They had twin steel 120 twofold tanks, and a few cutting edge titanium controllers.

Bubba’s Octopus controller has a 13.45 meter hose. Ideal for those specialized profound give in infiltration plunges. They have no under six plunge PCs, all Trimix, Nitrox, and Air-Trox prepared! Each has a blade for every leg (one of them has a 10 inch sharp edge), a blade for each arm, and two of those flawless small angling line cutters.

These young men have specially designed jump suits that have 46 plunge fixes on them. Clem has 47 on his since he saw an ocean lion once. They have an arrangement of super “el stiffo” split balances with stainless steel push plates worked in. Their veils are all dark. This gives stealth and crafty when plunging on the brilliantly shaded coral reef.

They both are exceptionally cool since they each utilized 54 pounds of weight stuffed flawlessly into their Navy Ranger BC that has 8 flip-outside wings and 11 stainless steel hand crafted D-rings. They were all around prepared and all around arranged for their plunge safari.

Each had 2 pockets packed brimming with all the important specialized jump design for 60 minutes plunge on the coral reef. An extra blade sheath, 10 safeguard flares, and a 1/4 move of tissue in a dry sack, and Clem had one of those overlay up tin thwart flagging survival suits.


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