VIDEO: 5 Most Haunting & Unnerving Photographs Ever Taken!



There are more photographs being taken now than ever before many of which are special moments and memories that can be kept forever, but as you will know an image can sometimes leave a lasting memory for the wrong reason.

Whether that’s an image taken just moments before a disaster or like number one, is a photograph taken after a nuclear attack that shows the aftermath for those involved. Here are five images that wouldn’t seem haunting if not for the stories that go with them.


Carl Williams

In 2007, Australian drug trafficker and murderer, Carl Williams was sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 35 years. He was convicted for his part in the Melbourne gangland killings, where he ordered the death of rival gang members.

While being held in Australia’s maximum security Barwon Prison in Victoria, Williams assisted police by giving information on many unsolved gangland crimes, but mainly to help capture notorious criminal Rocco Arico. Carl was sharing a cell with one of Arico’s accomplices and word quickly got around about Carl’s grassing. It’s thought that Arico found out and demanded the assassination of Williams before he told too much!

In 2010 fellow inmate Matthew Johnson, who had a long criminal history was ordered to do the job. This haunting image shot from a CCTV camera shows Carl Williams sat at a table, and Matthew Johnson approaching from behind just moments before he beat Carl to death with a metal bar he’d dismantled from an exercise bike.

The beating was so extreme it’s thought Carl died almost instantly, Johnson was found guilty of the murder which he knew was being caught on CCTV and was sentenced to a further 32 years in prison..


Kajavia Globe

On the afternoon of the 11th of December 2015, Kajavia Globe, a 24-year-old woman was last seen by her aunt near Seven Mile and Telegraph in Detroit, Michigan.

Her absence from work the next day was very out of character, and her family began to worry, and then three days later Kajavia’s car was found abandoned, and her body was discovered in a bin behind a house.

There were no clues as to how she had died or who was responsible, and despite extensive tests, the cause of her death could not be established. Then a haunting image taken by a CCTV camera at a drive through bank was released. It was taken on the day of Kajavia’s disappearance and shows a man wearing a skeleton mask, using Kajavia’s bank card to draw money out while driving her car.

There is no denying that this was her killer, who thought her life was worth less than the 500 dollars he withdrew. Since the image was released Kajavia’s ex-boyfriend has been arrested on suspicion of her murder and her family, believe he is responsible. It’s very likely that the man in this eerie photograph is her ex-boyfriend who had killed Kajavia just hours before the footage was caught, if convicted, her killer will rightfully spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.



After interviewing Henleys mother, she revealed that after her son was convicted, she was so horrified at his involvement with the crimes she had boxed up all his belongings and dumped them in an abandoned school bus in a field. They stayed there untouched for forty years until Josh rummaged through them and to his horror, he found polaroids of Corll’s tool box and torture implements along with this photograph of a young boy in handcuffs.

After further investigation, including speaking to Henley in prison, it was established that it was not any of the known victims and could be the Candyman’s 29th unnamed victim. If this is true, then the Candyman may be responsible for far more killings than was first thought. It doesn’t seem anyone else was reported missing around that time, and since the polaroid has been released sadly no one has come forward to identify the boy.


Petra and Gary Slok

Looking at this photograph of a mother and her son, seems like nothing more than a regular selfie, but when you hear the story to go with it, it is heartbreaking. It was taken on 17th July 2014 aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Gary Slok aged 15, and his mother Petra had just boarded the flight from Amsterdam on their way to a holiday in Malaysia. Just three hours after this photo was taken, the Boeing 777 was blasted out of the sky when cruising at 33,000ft as it flew over Eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew, including 80 children.


The Hiroshima Shadows

On August 6th, 1945, an American B 29 bomber known as Enola Gay dropped the first ever atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The effect was devastating, and the explosion immediately killed 80,000 people and wiped out 90 percent of the city.

Just three days later a second atomic bomb was dropped on nearby Nagasaki, killing a further 40,000 people. In the days that followed Japan’s Emperor Hirohito announced his country would surrender, a choice he had to make if he was to avoid the complete destruction of his country and people. Those who died immediately after the explosion suffered horrific flash burns and the intense heat from the blast would have vapourised their bodies. The carbon char from their destroyed bodies then embedded into the surface of surrounding solid objects such as concrete and stone.

This haunting image is one of many known as the Hiroshima shadows, they show the outline of the people incinerated by the initial blast, it is thought these shadows remained on stones, and solid structures around Hiroshima & Nagasaki for around ten years after the explosion, an eerie reminder of what people were doing at the moment the atomic bombs were dropped.