VIDEO: 5 Most DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations In The World!



Among the things most people wish they could do more is travelling. A break from one’s usual habitat and routine is sometimes all it takes to snap out of a funk. Sadly, travel is, in many cases, obscenely expensive, with plane ticket prices forever rising, and hotel and food expenses inflating in similar fashion.

Moving back to our original statement, while getting out of one’s usual routine and habitat may be an amazing rush, it can never be done without some consideration and can be dangerous, and in extreme cases; deadly.

We all hear the stories, people go away on vacation and end up getting robbed, beaten up or in extreme cases, killed. In some cases it is sheer bad luck that causes their demise but other times, a lapse in judgement leads to tragedy.

While some locales are forgiving, there are plenty that simply don’t leave any room for error. Those are the ones we are speaking of here; the most dangerous destinations in the world.

Whether it is violence and crime relating to poverty, xenophobia (hatred of foreigners), or even drug related conflict, there are some beautiful, interesting parts of the world that can be hazardous for travelers.

This is our list of the ten most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. There has been some attention paid to make sure this list includes only those areas that actually attract tourists, rather than just dangerous areas.

While Baghdad, Mogadishu and Kabul are probably some of the most dangerous places on Earth, you don’t see Hawaiian shirt wearing, camera-toting, rest-and-relaxation-seekers lined up to visit these places. These are the dream vacation destinations most likely to leave you hurt, broke or dead.


Enjoy our video for 5 Most DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations In The World!