VIDEO: 5 Strangest Things Found On The Beach!



If you live near a beach, you’ve probably spent some time collecting beach treasures from the sand. Sea glass, driftwood, and other interesting items that the sea spits out are all totally collectible and totally fun to find

The sea and sand have a way of keeping things hidden until just the right person comes along to find them.

There are millions of miles of open ocean in which currents are constantly swirling and atop which waves are ever rolling; it’s only a matter of time before things afloat at sea end up resting at the water’s edge, just waiting for some hapless beachcomber to find them.

Will your next visit to the beach reveal a message in a bottle… or might you find the carcass of some horrid, unidentifiable creature?

So next time you’re heading to the beach, keep your eyes open for curious-looking flotsam and jetsam—as you’ll see in this list, you never know what might wash ashore.


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