VIDEO: 90 Amazing Facts To Make You Instantly Smarter!



There might not be a worse feeling than when you have some kind of huge project due and the creative part of your brain just slowly grinds to a halt.

Some people have little rituals they go through to try to jump-start their muse, from “take a relaxing walk” to “steal someone else’s idea and then secretly murder them.”

But why not look to science to figure out what actually works?

Well, we don’t guarantee that any of the below will work for you — all we can say is that smarter people than us have gotten them to work under scientifically controlled conditions.

They also happen to cost absolutely nothing, so if you need to force you brain to start thinking outside the box, try to.

Let’s be honest here. We all want to be better than our friends and make them look stupid at every opportunity, right?

Well, take a look at the 12 facts below so you can continue to one-up your buddies and gal pals.


Check out the video for the 90 Amazing Facts To Make You Instantly Smarter!