VIDEO: Europe’s 11 Deadliest Animals!



As demonstrated by our article on the most dangerous animals in the UK you have to dig pretty hard to find anything too scary in most of Europe and even then the term ‘dangerous’ is pretty relative

However, through diligent research I have found around fifteen animals that have been known to kill humans and can be found right here in Europe.

This list is the top ten most dangerous wild animals so we will have to ignore the biggest killers such as dogs and cows.

And just to keep things interesting I’ll pretend wasps and bees don’t count and deer cause lots of car crashes but we’ll ignore that too.

So that leaves us with a top ten list of Europe’s scariest deadly wild animals.

I have organised these animal according to both their potential and actual danger, so the top of the list might not be the scariest, but it should be the most dangerous.


Check out the video for Most dangerous animals in Europe!