VIDEO: Part 2 – The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World!



Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? The sun, the sand, the radiation…hang on, what was that last part again? Yes, seems like there are some beaches out there that are less than idyllic.

Whether your particular phobia is shark bites, jellyfish or being kidnapped, don’t worry – we can find a beach that’s just wrong for you. Grab an atlas, and a big red pen to mark these Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches off your list of holiday destinations!

Some incredible outdoor swimming spots are protected areas while others are open year-round for people to dive off docks, swim, go on boat tours, and enjoy any way they can. Many are totally safe– but some that appear to be, arent’.

Open-water swimming can be dangerous, even if you know what you’re doing. No one is immune to sudden thunderstorms that can lead to overturned boats, stranded passengers, sudden encounters with wildlife and dangerous swimming conditions.

Some locations are so hazardous and shark-infested that government officials have stepped in and initiated special safety programs that rely on nets, drum lines, or a combination of both to remove high-risk sharks from a particular location. Other locations are perilous because of unseen but powerful rip currents.


Here’s what to expect if you dare to take on some of the world’s most dangerous swimming locales.