VIDEO: Top 10 Deadliest Animals in Africa!



When you’re travelling on a safari through Africa, chances are you’ll spot a rather large variety of animals – not all of which are really as adorable as they appear

Though these animals are hardly considered a threat to humans (who know enough not to mess with them), they still have enormous power that gives them the ability to end a human life if they want to.

Not to worry, though – your travels through Africa will be safe from animal harm as long as you listen to your guides and pay attention.

Even though you’ll never be put in any real danger, watching one of the deadliest animals from afar (and sometimes even up close!) is still pretty thrilling.

While it is difficult to obtain precise numbers of fatalities, here is a list of ten animals that cause the most human deaths in South Africa. And you may be surprised to hear that sharks are nowhere near the most deadly.

If someone asked you which were the most deadliest animals in Africa, it would probably be the biggest ones that you’d think of first, or maybe the big cats – but individual ability to bounce on humans and tear them apart is not necessarily the only reason a creature might be classified as dangerous.

Usually, yes, but not always … So here are the 10 most deadliest animals in Africa – not, of course, including the most dangerous creature on earth – man himself.


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