VIDEO: World’s 10 Deadliest Islands!



The islands are especially meant for summer vacations and holiday seasons for greatest wanderlust. There are few islands, which are extremely unpredictable in terms of threats, and once trapped at these islands would certainly be impossible to escape.

The islands may seem pretty good, but exploration is definitely a bad idea. Some of the life threatening activities involving in these islands include hefty amount of creepy stuffs, venomous snakes, natural disasters like volcanic eruption, and habitat eradicated zone.

Here, we have listed the most dangerous islands around the world, which may create bizarre thoughts in your mind.

People expand their horizons and travel to places they know little about. No destination is too far thanks to the many travel options and discounts out there.

Islands are especially popular among people looking for an exotic and adventurous vacation. But there is a great threat behind their beauty. Exploring them is oftentimes just a very bad idea.

Technically, you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time anywhere. But some places pose a much higher risk than others. Certain islands are infamous for their deadly animals or dangerous viruses.

One place specifically is dangerous because natives start attacking potential visitors before they get a chance to set foot.


Check out the video for World’s 10 Deadliest Islands!